Jun 12

Bluetrek Metal thinnest Bluetooth headset

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Bluetrek Metal

France’s ModeLabs Group is claiming they created the smallest and lightest headset on earth. This ultra thin headset is made from metal as the name implies. It is 4mm thick and weights 5.5 grams.

Its battery lasts up to 5 hours when we talk, and about a week in sleep mode. The Bluetrek Metal is available in Europe. Aluminium black/silver version costs 39 euros ($61), and silver stainless steel version costs 49 euros ($76). Continue reading »

Jun 07

Earth Trek launches all-in-one mobile stand

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mobile stand


Earth Trek the Hong Kong company presented the new All-in-One Mobile Stand which could solve a lot of our problems. It’s not just a plain stand for all sorts of mobile phones, it also features a mobile charger, USB hub function and card reader (T-flash, Micro-Mini SD, RS-MMC, MS-Pro, Duo, Pro Duo).

The price is not yet revealed, but we can tell you that it is available in two colours to choose from black and white. Continue reading »

Jun 03

iClooly will hold your iPod touch

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iClooly will hold your iPod touch

This is it, RockRidgeSound’s iClooly will hold your iPod touch for you. This can be very handy for watching movies. You will be able to rotate frame by 90 degrees for either
horizontal or vertical viewing.

There is headphone extension provided and a circular hole in the back for cables with cutouts made for the headphone jack as well as the dock connector. iClooly will be available in Japan on June 7 for $47. Continue reading »

Apr 15

iHome iP99 iPhone Clock Radio

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iHome iP99

Retailer Brookstone announced it started taking pre orders for the iHome iP99, a clock radio designed to dock, charge and play specifically for Apple’s iPhone and iPods. According to Brookstone, the iP99 iPhone clock radio will be able to play music through its speakers and withhold phone functionality (receiving calls). The iP99 is able to do this
thanks to shielding that eliminates interference with cell signals. The iHome iP99 features alarm clock buzzer(variety of wake modes), an AM/FM radio and a remote control. It’s all played through 10-watt Reson8 speakers. The iP99 will go on sale on June 1 for $149.95. Continue reading »

Feb 02

Lite-On Moldable Mouse

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Have you ever had dreams about mouse that you can knead in more comfortable shape? Well, here it is. Lite-On Moldable Mouse has guts made out of soft modeling clay encased in a nylon polyurethane fabric cover. The “stick-on” buttons and scroll-wheel can be added to any location you like, and communicate via RFID. The nylon and polyurethane blend fabric covering comes in a variety of colours. The texture of the material feels similar to silk, but is much more flexible. The Moldable Mouse is also an ecologically responsible product. Why? Because the base of the mouse is made of 100% recyclabe PC/ABS plastic blend and they used mostily non-toxic clay and fabric. So now we will be safe of common mouse-related injuries such as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But when its comming on ours shelves? Not known.

Sep 16

Touch Tablets

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Wacom send to the market in the North America two “Touch Tablets”: Bamboo and Bamboo fun (don’t confuse it with tablet PC). Bamboo is oriented to the common user, but Bamboo fun is targeted towards digital photo users.


Both incorporate 4 hot keys for fast accesses, 512 levels of sensitivity for battery free pen with programmable buttons and adjustable for the comfort. As were to be expected Bamboo fun includes mouse and the pencil, some softwares, like Adobe Photshop Elements, Corel Painter Essential and the Nik Color Pro.


The sizes available for this model are, small screen: 5.8 ” W x 3,7 ” D and medium screen: 8.5 ” W x 5,3 ” D. Bamboo fun is available in black, to silver, white or blue color for $100 and $200 depending on size. However the Bamboo only comes in small screen: 5.8 ” W x 3,7 ” D and its value is $70 and available only in black color.