Oct 05


App OpenDoor is a free app that provides users a randomized IP address to keep their browsing habits anonymous and enables users to circumvent firewalls and access restricted sites. Anonymous developer of this app has said that “as the developers of an app that protects users’ privacy and anonymity online, it only makes sense to do the same ourselves“ and that Apple provided no notification that OpenDoor had been pulled, the got that information from consumers. This is not the first time that Apple has removed apps from its App Store in China. Apple has previously removed apps for falling foul of censorship laws include one providing access to forbidden books, a news app for a US-based broadcaster founded by banned spiritual group Falun Gong. Chinese social media users are very critical of latest Apple’s move. In their opinion, the decision diminished Apple’s moral standing and comparing it unfavorably to Google as a champion of Internet freedom. This app remains available in App Stores outside China, but prior to its removal from China App Store on July 11th, this app was being downloaded ca. 2,000 times a day and that was almost a third of the app’s total downloads.

Via: cnn

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