Apr 06


Its not official yet, but images of an Archos 2 showed up on the web implying Archos is going to release this portable media player. It comes with a 1.8-inch 128 x 160 display,a microSDHC card slot, FM radio, voice recorder and its capable of playing MP3, WMA, WAV, AVI and JPEG files and attery lasts for 12hrs of music playback or 4hrs video.

It measures 84 x 41 x 9 mm and weighs 50g, and will be available in black and white colour. The price for 8GB version on Amazon is $60, and 16GB version on Amazon.de costs $92.There is also Archos 4 but only information we know is it’ll feature a 4-inch screen and 16 to 32GB of flash memory.


via ipods.techfresh.net

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