Nov 20


ASUS has announced ASUS R50A, formerly known as Asus R3, a UMPC with a fairly small size that will delight users of such computers, and the accompanying ASUS R2HE. Among its features, ASUS R50A has GPS, webcam and connectivity 3G and 3.5G. It should be emphasized its TV tuner included, thanks to which we can use as a portable media player.

The screen ASUS R50A has a size of 4.8 inches and a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels, including software ASUS InfoPen to facilitate the entry of data on a pad.While some believe that the UMPC are the future, we know firsthand that some reduced-size models are quite difficult to control them assiduously, as a complicated display certain applications. The price and date of departure of ASUS R50A are unknown for now.

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