Feb 06


Nokia’s mini LD-4W Bluetooth GPS Module is by far the most attractive GPS module I’ve seen lately. It comes with a key ring and a belt clip and it looks sexy when its worn on either.
It comes with a LED indicator to alert you to GPS activation, power and battery status, and Bluetooth connectivity status.
Weight (31 g) and Dimensions (82.9 X 37 X 7.8 mm) can tell you that it is very small. Nokia LD-4W is compatible with a wide range of Nokia devices and Nokia Maps.
Some technical specifications: up to 11h, continuous tracking, SiRF Star III LT, 20 parallel channels, Nokia Sports Tracker, WGS84 (world geodetic system).
Nokia LD-4W Bluetooth GPS Module also can turn your mobile device into a navigator and you can tap in an address to Nokia Maps and let voice-guided directions take you there.

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