Oct 30

Switchback UMPC

The Switchback UMPC device is the company Black Diamond Advanced Technology, which is prepared to withstand any adversity with that is thanks to its robust form factor and its moldings.
The touch screen is 5.6  inch, hard drive up to 120 GB and it includes 2 GB of RAM. The processor that drives the entire arsenal is an Intel Celeron M 1Ghz. We can choose between Windows XP or Windows Vista. As you can see in the image, which incorporates the keyboard is somewhat peculiar (hopefully that will be usable).

The optional equipment, it will be Bluetooth 2.0, wireless g, GPS receiver, USB 2.0 ports, camera, Compact Flash card slot and a lot of things, that for most mortals, we will not fail. So far no information about the price, but it is rumored that it will be released a Switchback UMPC with a basic package consisting of serial ports and USB output / input audio / video.

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