Oct 20

Nintendo stops selling Wii on Japanese market

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Nintendo Wii Japan

A few weeks ago Nintendo has announced that the company would stop manufacturing the Wii for Japanese market and now Nintendo has listed the Wii as „discontinued“ on its Japanese website. So now, the Japanese gamers will have to Continue reading »

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Oct 06

Google buys start-up Flutter

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Google buys start-up that develops gesture-recognition software. There are speculations that Google will integrate this technology into its Chromebook laptops and Nexus devices, because Flutter’s technology detects simple hand signals via webcam.Gesture-recognition is used in some gaming consoled (Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox Kinect), some smart Tvs and in Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone. This technology could be very useful for older people or people with disabilities, according to Richard Picking from Glyndwr University. The deal was announced on Flutter’s website by its co-founder Navneet Dalal. Continue reading »

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